Oslo Medtech


For better living and better healthcare. Oslo Medtech is a cluster of approx. 180 institutions comprising of companies, hospitals, investment firms, as well as knowledge and research institutions – all with a focus on medical technology and innovation.

They are joined by Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital with their substantial medical research activity and facilities. Combined they provide healthcare services to over a million patients each year, and employ health- and medical personnel counting more than 25.000 people.

Oslo Medtech also include some of Norway’s most important research institutes and universities, various industrial development agencies, companies specializing in QA and standardization issues, as well as players from the venture capital and finance sector. Norway, together with the rest of the world, faces major health challenges related to the handling of an increasing aging population, large population diseases and dramatic cost increases in health care.

Oslo Medtech works to facilitate close cooperation between the cluster participants, generating cooperation between medical technical industry and health care, initiating innovation processes, and contributing to the development of products and services in medical technology.

The cluster’s goal is that these activities will contribute to a more efficient health care system and be able to deal with future major health challenges, while continually developing the medical-technical industry.

OMT is the project coordinator. A major part of the activities will be in the Management work package WP8. OMT will be responsible for all administrative tasks related to the consortium management, such as grant agreement, consortium agreement, organisation of meetings, providing minutes, follow-up on action points, and managing the collection of all information pertaining to the periodic reports and financial statements.

Moreover, OMT will lead the Dissemination activities of the project (WP7), and will deploy and operate the project web-site. OMT will also be responsible for the project presentation at high level e.g. conferences and events at EC level.

TU Wien


The TUW team, under the lead of Hong-Linh Truong at the Distributed
Systems Group, Vienna University of Technology will work on the analysis, modeling, testing and evaluation of uncertainty behaviors at the infrastructure and platform levels of the IoT cloud systems.

In particular, the TUW team will lead the tasks (i) Uncertainty Modelling at the Infrastructure Level and (ii) Uncertainty testing at the Platform Level. We will develop corresponding techniques and frameworks to capture uncertainties and to enable the establishment of testing platforms and systems for application uncertainty studies. TUW will bring its expertise in software-defined IoT units, IoT cloud platforms, elasticity monitoring and control and IoT governance to this project.

We expect to introduce not only foundation concepts for uncertainly modeling, monitoring and analysis in IoT cloud systems but also frameworks that allow developers to define and setup different possible large-scale configurations of IoT cloud systems to simplify the development and testing  their  various cyber-physical applications.

ULMA Handling Systems


ULMA Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems role in the U-Test project.
ULMA Handling Systems is lider of WorkPackage1. ULMA will test the results of the project solving several uncertainties situations at global logistic solutions field.

What sort of technological area ULMA operate in
At ULMA Handling Systems, we carry out our Comprehensive Engineering activity in Material Handling Systems through a wide range of logistic solutions aimed at the field of Distribution and Automatic Manufacturing. We offer solutions directed at: systems for preparing orders, automatic storage, automatic transport and sorting, end-of-line or automatic palletizing, as well as Supply Chain Software solutions.
Our services cover from the design and planification of the logistic solution to the after-sales and re-engineering service, which we develop along with the client.

The results ULMA hope to be able to produce
ULMA hopes to be an useful and valid usecase to reach UTEST objectives and hopes the results of the project will revert in our logistic solutions, with a more robust modeling of our systems.

Future Position X


Future Position X was launched in 2006 and is a non-governmental, non-profit cluster organization, which acts as an independent arena for research and innovation in the Geographic Information Industry field for the Smart City. The cluster supports innovative companies and organizations to research and develop new products and services, and to expand into new markets.

In the U-test project FPX is providing one of the usecases for uncertainty tests, our usecase is within GeoSport, one of our focus areas. The usecase is about the collection of data from the performance for bandy players during game and practice. We want to deliver a good usecase to the project and hope it will contribute to successful results in uncertainty tests and the development of taxonomy.

Easy Global Market

Easy Global Market

In U-Test, Easy Global Market is a technology and methodology provider for automated test generation technologies. Easy Global Market will provide a reliable and scalable testing method able to manage CPS in the presence of uncertainty, and to automate this approach all the way from the model to the execution of the generated test cases. The developments are based on the CertifyIt technology from Smartesting, to extend it to heterogeneous embedded systems, CPS and IoT systems. Easy Global Market is also contributing to a reliable and integrated demonstrator, based on CertifyIt, and has thus the ambition to achieve the required reliability and scalability level for its industrial acceptance and adoption.

Easy Global Market is providing solutions and services to develop market confidence in technologies making the global market easy for companies looking for globalization. Easy Global Market is specialized in validation, interoperability, Certification and label programs including for CPS and IoT areas. Easy Global Market is working with state of the art tools and validation approaches and advanced techniques such as Model-Based Testing techniques in the context of complex networked systems such as IoT systems.

The expected results for Easy Global Market in the U-Test project are cutting-edged model-based testing technologies to master automated generation for complex CPS and IoT systems, mastering the intrinsic uncertainty of such system, with easy to use characteristics. Easy Global Market is expecting to integrate these results achieved in their product solutions and offer them as part of their consultancy portfolio. The U-Test project constitutes also a strategic and major step for Easy Global Market by having some industrial use cases to demonstrate the benefits of Model-Based testing technologies to validate the CPS systems.

Simula Research Laboratory


Simula Research Laboratory

Dedicated to tackling scientific challenges with long-term impact and of genuine importance to real life, Simula Research Laboratory (Simula), Norway offers an environment that emphasizes and promotes basic research. At the same time, we are deeply involved in research education and application-driven innovation and commercialization.

Simula was established as a non-profit, limited company in 2001, and is fully owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Its research is funded through competitive grants from national funding agencies and the EC, research contracts with industry, and a basic allowance from the state.

In the context of U-Test, Simula is playing the role of Technical Project Coordinator and the key responsibilities include: 1) Coordinating the technical activities, knowledge management, and other innovation related activities of the project at the Consortium level, 2) Coordinating the activities of the Industrial Advisory Board, 3) Providing advice on technical matters and driving the scientific directions of the project

Fraunhofer FOKUS


Fraunhofer FOKUS

The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS is researching and developing demand-orientated solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration in the fields of:

• communication technologies and services and their interoperability
• architectures and protocols of future communication networks and platforms
• interactive technologies for individual and community applications
• integration of processes and IT systems in eGovernment
• methods for automating and optimizing software and system development in the fields of telecommunication and automotive engineering
• measuring and testing of distributed telecommunication and software systems

Fraunhofer FOKUS supports innovative processes from the original concept to the (pre)product in companies and institutions – amongst others in the fields of telecommunication, automotive engineering, eGovernment and software development. Solutions developed by FOKUS and its partners are tried out, tested and demonstrated in laboratories.

The Competence Centre System Quality Center (SQC) lead by Friedrich Schön and Dr. Tom Ritter concentrates on approaches and solutions for test development, model-based system development and software security audits. Consequently, a major branch of the research activities in this domain is concerned with the development of tool technologies both for testing (TTCN 3, UTP) and modelling (MDA, UML, MOF, QVT). SQC combines the experience and expertise of the FOKUS groups on test methods and test development and on model based architectures into a common vision of an integrated system and test development approach, leading to a more comprehensive, effective and efficient production process of high-quality and secure software.

SQC is contributing to U-Test

With its experiences in developing advanced modelling and testing methods and techniques for safety-critical systems operating in potential adversarial environments, bringing in its expertise in modelling and testing from a large number of research projects as well as from the industry.

With the ModelBus technology, an advanced tool integration platform, serving as basis for innovative, efficient and highly integrated development solutions.

With Fokus!MBT, a rich test modeling environment that simplifies the creation of the underlying test model by guiding the user through methodology-specific support, providing an easy way of integrating advanced test case generation methods.



IK4-IKERLAN will lead the integration, evaluation and exploitation of the project by involving researchers specialized on business innovation in addition to researchers on Cyber Physical Systems. IK4-IKERLAN will disseminate work in the Cyber Physical Systems community with particular focus on mixed-criticality projects that we are involved.
IK4-IKERLAN has experience for 40 years in advanced technology transfer to industry, and comprehensive product development for a wide variety of domains: transportation, automation, industrial, medical. The purpose of IK4 Research Alliance is the generation, capture and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in order to contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies and the progress of society. In particular, the advanced manufacturing business unit at IK4-IKERLAN has extensive experience with development of company business plans, fund raising activities and strategic partnerships developments and is well-versed in the day to day handling of new knowledge as it arises.
IK4-IKERLAN as part of the Mondragon Corporation will disseminate the benefits of the approach into several companies in a variety of domains such as energy, transportation, capital goods, industrial, etc. IK4-IKERLAN will disseminate scientific and applied research results into conferences and workshops. U-Test will improve innovation capacity for IK4-IKERLAN by integrating the new solutions of U-Test within vertical markets thus strengthening the competiveness and growth of the companies. The effect will be documented and when successful the partners will deliver U-Test to the markets.

Nordic MedTest


Nordic MedTest is an IT-testbed for health and welfare solutions also including medtech products in a broader sense. Nordic MedTest is owned by the county of Värmland in Sweden (one of 21 counties) with a national (and international) scope for increasing patient safety and efficiency by promoting and evaluating new and preferably innovative solutions. Nordic MedTest is covering the area from analyzing demands to evaluating and certifying isolated or complex integrated products/services/solutions. Nordic MedTest is vendor independent, publicly owned and aiming, if possible, for open source solutions offering a complete set of test solutions including usability and integration.

Nordic MedTest was created in 2012 and is currently delivering test solutions to the national eHealth solutions, the National Board of Health and Welfare, counties, municipalities and private companies in Sweden and to a minor extent in Norway. Nordic MedTest is growing rapidly and has currently 25-50 employees with a steady recruitment going on. Nordic MedTest is localized in Karlstad, Sweden but offers remote testing, testing at the Nordic MedTest facility and testing at customer locations.

Nordic MedTest will in U-test help evaluating and testing the complex Cyber Physical Systems used, and especially so for the Geo-sports test case run by FPX in Gävle, Sweden. Otherwise Nordic MedTest is supporting test driven agile development and is dedicated to systematic quality evaluation of complex Health care IT-solutions. Nordic MedTest is aiming for a position to be able to adopt further test and integration standardization via the Continua Alliance and IHE, currently today not systematically implemented at all in Swedish Health Care and Welfare IT solutions.

Nordic MedTest has been part of Scandinavian cooperative projects and solutions since its creation in 2012 and is aiming for a broader international customer segment and an innovative edge in helping develop, test, certify and ultimately support customers buying solutions/products/services supporting the health care and welfare of today and into the future.