Workshop: U-Test for the Realibility of IOT Solutions in the Manufacturing and Logistics Sectors

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About this workshop

ULMA Handling, IK4-Ikerlan and the remaining U-Test partners invites to a workshop focusing on testing and scaling of smart and embedded systems (Internet of Things) in the manufacturing and logistics sector.


The manufacturing and logistics sector becomes more and more dependent on sensors and connectivity as an integrated part of the products and services offered. The Industry 4.0 approach to digitalisation for productivity and growth will increase the use of integrated sensor based equipment in manufacturing facilities and logistics equipment and infrastructure. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) will monitor physical processes, and make decentralized decisions by communicating and cooperating over the Internet of Things (IOT) with each other and with humans. I consequence, the reliability and the quality assurance of such systems (typically budgeted around 50-70% of the total development cost) will be of paramount importance to improve the dependability of systems under development as the CPSs are often developed for critical domains.

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