Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Clustering and Communication Event

Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Clustering and Communication Event

The Hofburg in Vienna, Austria
Oslo Science Park, 0123 Oslo

April 14th 2016

The Road2CPS project (H2020-ICT1 CSA) is organizing the ‘Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Clustering and Communication Event’, to bring together the 15 ongoing ICT-1 projects to exchange ideas, discuss results and foster synergies amongst them and other CPS projects, as well as to communicate the outcomes to a wider audience.

The event will take place on April 14th in the Hofburg in Vienna in conjunction with the ARTEMIS Spring event (April 13th-14th) and back-to-back to the CPS-week (April 11th-14th). We expect an audience of about 150 people (academia, industry, policy making, also from CPS-week and ARTEMIS), and we would be very pleased to have you or a representative from your consortium as a speaker (10 min presentation and poster) about your ICT-1 project.

The EC also wishes to benefit from this ‘communication event’, to disseminate the ICT-1 results to a broader audience also targeting policy making / industry / broader public and the presentations should be ‘easy to understand’ also for a non-technical audience. Moreover, a rapporteur will summarize the presentations/discussions to be publicized on the EC-website.
Your consortium / networks are invited

(registration, free of charge, will open soon)!