The Fifth General Assembly hosted by EGM in Nice, 2017

During 11-12 May 2017, Easy Global Markets (EGM) hosted the fifth general assembly (GA) of U-Test project in the beautiful city Nice, France. During the two-day meeting, U-Test consortium members reviewed the suggestions from the second-year project review in Brussels, carefully synchronized the planning for the on-going work packages, and successfully made agreements on key steps in the last project year.

In April, the work efforts from the whole consortium during the second year were rewarded with very positive results from the second-year project review in Brussels. Therefore, the GA in Nice is a good chance for the project members to review the comments and suggestions from the second-year project review. All the comments and suggestions have been addressed thoroughly and reflected clearly into the on-going tasks of each work package. After the first two years, a strong foundation of research results, standardization initiatives, and tool chains for technology transfer has been created.

The project is now in the third year where the exploitation activities are prioritized to promote the testing tool chains to be adopted by industry. Especially, the commercialized testing tool chains U-CertifyIt developed by EGM could be offered to large CPS vendors/integrators and specialized SMEs that are part of the value chain for large CPS vendors. Indeed, the entire U-Test consortium is keeping up the momentum of good work in all active work packages with a strong focus on supporting the technology transfer and exploitation activities. All the tasks had been discussed among the consortium members for synchronization and optimization with agreements.

The fifth general assembly of U-Test consortium was successful. We had made agreements among all the partners on the key steps until end of 2017, to finish the project strongly with the focus on exploitation activities in the last project year. Many thanks to all the participants, and especially the great hospitality by EGM in Nice, France!