U-Test for the reliability of IoT solutions in the healthcare sector

On March 9th 2017, Oslo Medtech and other representatives of U-Test project hosted a workshop with the theme of IoT solutions in the healthcare sector. The workshop was held in Oslo Science Park and introduced the U-Test’s values for the reliability of IoT solutions in the healthcare sector.

In addition to the presentations of U-Test’s members, the workshop also involved the presentations of policy makers (from the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth) and other local projects in the healthcare sector in Norway.

Bent-Håkon Lauritzen from Oslo Medtech was the host and the event introduced Oslo Medtech.

He then gave the floor to Roar Olsen, the director for eHealth in Norway to present about the policies and challenges for implementation of embedded systems within healthcare in Norway.

Waqar Ahmed is the project coordinator and guided us through the main session of U-Test’s presentations.

Nordic Medtest has been running one of the pilots in the U-test project and Robert Magnusson presented the GeoSport case study. This is providing research and tool experimentations in the projects.

Phu Nguyen from Simula Research Lab and Bruno Legeard, the CTO from Easy Global Market (EGM) represented the research partners in U-Test. They presented the U-Test approaches for uncertainty testing of CPS/IoT, how uncertainty theories were studied that led to the creation of Uncertainty Taxonomy and finally showed how the testing approaches from research have been implemented into testing tools developed by EGM.

The latest version of U-CertifyIt was demonstrated to the audience that showed a highly automated tool support to generate test cases for tackling uncertainties in CPS/IoT systems. The “U-Test” session received good attention from the audience with highly interactive Q&A after each presentation.

To make it more practical, we had invited two projects from healthcare.  The first project EVIK project from the Department for e-health Municipality of Oslo, presented by Kjetil Moberg. His informative presentation gave the audience good insight into an IoT project for the public with all the challenges – from technical to human-related.

Following the EVIK presentation, the “Hospital at home: Information flow and operation of devices” from the project Medicloud. André Barkhald from Sykehuspartner inspired the audience on the development of Medicloud as the centre for connected care empowered by IoT and Data centres.

We concluded the seminar with workshops where we addressed the risks and challenges with integrated homecare solutions and IoT for healthcare in general.