U-Test project presented at the 12th Advances in Model based Testing (A-MOST) Workshop

As a keynote speaker at the 12th edition of the A-MOST Workshop in Chicago, Tao Yue gave a presentation entitled: “Model Based Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems in Practice: Challenges, results, future directions from multiple projects”. Her talk summarises the results from various industrial applications of Model-Based Testing (MBT) over last several years and cover diverse MBT methodologies ranging from requirements-driven MBT to UML state machine based MBT.

The work of U-Test project was also highlighted in Tao’s presentation. A-MOST is a workshop that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in the topic of Model Based Testing. This year as usual, A-MOST is co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST).