U-Test representation at the OMG technical meeting Orlando, Florida, USA

The U-Test team was well represented at the Object Management Group (OMG) technical meeting took place in Orlando, Florida, USA from June 24 to June 24, 2016.

Three presentations were given at the OMG meeting. First presentation was given by Marc-Florian Wendland from Fraunhofer Fokus to the Analysis and Design Task Force (ADTF).

His presentation was on the revised version of the UML Testing Profile (UTP) V.2. It was decided that the UTP V.2 will be voted for adoption in December 2016’s OMG technical meeting.  The second presentation was given by Tao Yue from Simula to the ADTF group. She presented the initial version of the Request for Information (RFI) for the new Uncertainty Modeling standard. The follow-up is that the voting on issuance of RFI will take place in September 2016’s OMG technical meeting. The third presentation was given by Shaukat Ali from Simula to the SE DSIG meeting and System Modeling Assessment & Roadmap WG meeting. The focus was on the presentation of the UML Uncertainty Profile.

There was an interest to investigate the incorporation of Uncertainty Measurement model libraries to the future SysML standard.