U-Test research groups meets in Oslo

In the context of U-Test project, on the 17th and 18th of August 2015, the U-Test members at Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) gladly welcomed the U-Test members, researchers of the Distributed Systems Group, Vienna University of Technology (TUW) to the premises of SRL at Technopolis (IT Fornebu) in Fornebu, Norway.

The goal of the visit was for the two groups to foster research collaboration in the project that the results could lead to high-impact publications related to U-Test project. During the two days, two groups had extensive meetings and discussions. In the first day, each group presented the overview of their research methodologies, and then demonstrated their tools.

The tools demonstration session was followed by the discussion on research ideas in general. In the second day, each research idea was elaborated into more details on the white board for discussion. Finally, both research groups had agreed on the common research directions, a concrete plan to conduct research, and some potential high-impact journals and conferences for submitting the research results.