U-Test’s presentations in the Object Management Group Meeting in Brussels

5-9 June 2017, representatives from the U-Test consortium participated in the Object Management Group (OMG) meeting held in Brussels.

On June 7, Marc-Florian Wendland from Fraunhofer FOKUS presented the revised version of the UML Testing Profile (UTP) to the ADTF. OMG voted to adopt the revised UTP. The next phase of in the standardization activity is the Finalization Task Force (FTF). FTF aims at transforming the adopted specification into a formal specification.

As reported early, U-Test project members initiated the new Uncertainty Modelling (UM) standard. The researchers from Simula presented the current progress of UM in the ADTF meeting of OMG. Particularly, the responses that were collected from the RFI were analysed and presented to the ADTF. After the RFI was the kick-off the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase of the standardization activity. A wiki page for this standardization activity has been created on the OMG website. The wiki is continuously updated. Please check the following link for details: http://www.omgwiki.org/uncertainty/doku.php?id=start