Use Cases

Industrial Case Studies

As a representative of Cyber Physical System, we have chosen two case studies from two diverse domains, where handling uncertainty is of utmost importance including sports performance monitoring and warehouse handling systems.

Geo Sports Case Study

To improve the performance of an individual or a team, the conditions of the athletes must be measured more accurately, routinely over a sustained period of time, and in the athletes’ real environment. Thanks to the latest technology in positioning, it has become possible to measure the performance of athletes both outdoors and indoors. The measurement is made continuously and in real time using geo sensors during training, competition, and games.


In the context of U-Test, we will use Bandy in Geo Sports, a kind of ice hockey predominantly played in Northern Europe and Russia. We chose Bandy as the case study in Geo Sports since the part of the Geo Sports project related to it is already in the advanced stage of development. Thus, the project can be used to assess the testing solutions that will be produced in U-Test. The Geo Sports project is the first in the world to monitor sports on ice using sensors. The Geo Sports project is the pilot project, whose findings and ideas will be investigated to assess their applications to the healthcare monitoring in the future. One such healthcare application under development is assisted living for elderly to monitor their health conditions remotely and alert the medical staff when there is chance of medical accident to happen.

During the U-Test Project, entire system will be used as a basis for testing uncertainty. Uncertainties will be classified based on uncertainties in various types of sensors, magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer (Application Level), uncertainties in capturing data wirelessly from sensors will also be collected and classified (Infrastructure Level) as will be the integrated data from both (Integration Level). All these uncertainties will be modelled using UMF and used for testing with UTF. At the current practice, uncertainty testing is not performed at any of these levels and thus the U-Test results will revolutionize uncertainty testing practice at FPX/NMT.

Bandy-Geo-Sport-1024x682Deployment of the U-Test results from UC1: The results of U-Test will be integrated into the existing infrastructure of FPX/NMT test Geo Sports application since at its current stage FPX doesn’t have a test execution infrastructure and therefore NMT will provide such infrastructure. Moreover, the results from U-Test will be integrated into NMT in future to test medical cyber-physical systems there.

Handling Systems Case Study

ULMA Handling Systems develops automated handling systems for warehouses worldwide of different nature such as Food and Beverages, Industrial, Textile, and Storage. Each handling facility such as cranes, conveyors, sorting systems, picking systems, rolling tables, lifts, and intermediate storage forms a physical unit and together they are deployed to one handling system application, e.g. Storage. A handling system cloud supervision (HSCS) generally interacts with the diverse types of physical units, network equipment, and cloud services. Application-specific processes in HSCS are executed spanning clouds and CPSs and there are several application-specific processes whose executions involve different configurations.

Cloud applications acquire data ULMA-9495on handling systems deployed in storage warehouses worldwide, which is then aggregated, and sent to a supervision system. Uncertainties typically appear in the interaction of the control for different elements of the CPS and these can lead to errors which in turn can result in significant downtimes and/or reduction of availability and overall performance of the storage facility.

During the U-Test Project, the focus will be on the cloud-based supervision system. Uncertainties will be analysed and categorized for the HSCS at three levels, application, infrastructure, and integration levels. The use case will provide real-world examples of uncertainties from existing handling systems. A specific handling system for a large Food and Beverage facility will be selected. The current practice at ULMA includes limited uncertainty testing at a limited context at the application level and the results of U-Test will revolutionize the testing practice at ULMA.

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Based on the preliminary results of U-Test, ULMA will tailor them to the internal engineering and support processes in order to benefit from the newly developed approaches from U-Test. The U-Test project results will be used in the supervision system based on a real-world handling system for a large Food and Beverage facility and will be exploited into other applications in the future.